Limewash Paint Services

Limewash Services by CB Paint & Decor

CB Paint & Decor is proud to offer limewashing service to the Santa Barbara and limewashing in Santa Ynez communities. Limewash paint is a traditional and environmentally-friendly way to enhance the natural beauty of brick and stone surfaces. Our skilled team of painters has the experience and expertise to transform your home or business with the unique patina look and texture of the limewashed brick.

What is Limewash Paint?

Limewash is a type of paint made from natural lime and pigments. Unlike traditional paint, limewash is breathable and evaporates moisture from the brick or stone surface. This helps to prevent damage caused by trapped moisture and improves the overall health of the building. Moreover, limewash has a unique, chalky finish that creates a beautiful patina over time.

Benefits of Limewash

Following are the significant benefits of limewashing.

  • Durable and long-lasting: Limewash is a highly durable and long-lasting paint option. It can last for decades, even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Improves the health of the building: It is breathable and allows moisture to evaporate from the limewash brick or stone surface, preventing damage caused by trapped moisture.
  • Environmentally friendly: Limewash is made from natural lime and pigments and is free of harmful chemicals and VOCs.
  • Creates a unique patina look: It has a unique, chalky finish that creates a beautiful patina over time, enhancing the natural beauty of the building.

Our Limewash Services

CB Paint & Decor offers a range of limewashing service in Santa Barbara and limewashing in Santa Ynez for both residential and commercial properties. Our services include: Limewash application Our team of skilled painters will apply limewash to your brick or stone surface, creating a great look and texture. Color matching We can match the color of your limewash to your existing brick or stone or choose from a range of colors to create a new look. Maintenance and touch-ups Additionally, we offer maintenance and touch-up services to keep your limewash in Santa Barbara, CA surface looking beautiful for years to come.

Why Choose CB Paint & Decor for Limewash Services?

  • We have an experienced team of painters with years of experience in limewash in Santa Barbara, CA application and a track record of delivering beautiful results.
  • We use only the highest quality limewash and pigments to ensure a durable and long-lasting finishl
  • We at CB Paint and Decor provide competitive pricing for our limewash services, making it an affordable option for residential and commercial properties.
  • We are based in Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez. Furthermore, we have a deep understanding of the local climate and weather conditions, allowing us to provide the best possible limewash in Santa Barbara, CA for your property.


Contact us today if you’re interested in enhancing the natural beauty of your brick or stone surface with limewash in Santa Barbara, CA. Our team would happily provide a free consultation and quote for your project. Call us at (805) 896-5307 or email us at [email protected].

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