Decorative Finishes

Decorative Finishes

At CB Paint and Décor, our focus is primarily on quality painting and decorative finishes involving more detail and creativity to provide artistic satisfaction. We specialize in unique or natural plaster finishes, Iron patinas, molding and cabinetry finishes to all types of unusual wood ceiling & beam techniques, reclaimed wood affects etc.

In the decorative painting industry for over 30 years now, our primary focus has always been unique & personalized custom and decorative finishes to offer our clients ways to express their own unique style, interests and vision. Not only in how they furnish & design their home but unique all the way down to the finishes displayed on their walls, cabinetry, wood beams ceilings and of course all the ornate accent moldings and iron work.

Decorative finishes and styles have changed the last ten years plus, where ornate plaster finishes and used to be bold and colorful, now people tend to prefer the natural more subtle affects that feel more authentic, with cooler more contemporary influence. We still do wall glazes (faux finishes) and of course Mediterranean style plaster finishes for period style homes that require specific affects to achieve the authenticity, as Santa Barbara is primarily Spanish influence, however the style trends have changed.

Following the decline of the traditional FAUX finish boom which has calmed the last decade, we have seen decorative paint & finish trends shift more towards Reclaimed wood effects, unique washes & stain finishes to accent subtle grays & off-white field surfaces (walls). Wood ceilings, mantles, doors & window accents, cabinetry, stairway risers, railings, skirtings etc., are all the focus now, expressing your unique taste and style while also following the trend.

Clients seem to gravitate towards cool colors, modern style with a contemporary accent to help bring their home into the current styles. Our specialty is helping our clients find their unique style through color, texture & depth. We provide color & finish consultations to discuss update ideas for your home and express how your desired style is our specialty.

Custom murals, tromp l’oeil and other unique wall art are also in trend with fun themes for children’s bedrooms, nurseries and commercial facilities, wallpaper and natural landscape scenes for accent walls are fun for businesses, facilities, pop-ups, offices. Unique is what people strive for. The social media demand for unique and unusual and eye-catching environments to photograph is high, such platforms like Instagram have definitely got people more concerned with what is desirable and can be projected through a camera lens.

No matter what your style, desire or vision, we are dedicated to help you prepare & complete your tasks.

Color & finish samples, as well as decorative sample boards are available to help clients choose finishes with ease for almost any surface.

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